Olette Bollen from Connect4Value – The Circular Changemakers

(Interview at the end of the article)

💡 What drives a person to change from the “security” of a job to the uncertainty of the social entrepreneurship?

💡 What makes a person go from being a spectator in the current social and environmental challenges to become part of the solution?

💡 What’s the future that the current Circular Changemakers dream to create?

💡 And, how can we develop solutions that connect different actors, promoting collaboration and greater strength and resources to create a future that we can be proud of?

Once again, I left Almere behind and I went towards Utrecht, one of my favourite cities in the Netherlands, where I had a really pleasant afternoon, with the amazing and inspiring Olette Bollen from Connect4value. Among tours around the city of Utrecht, I learned more about Olette’s story and the story and motivations behind Connect4Value, which I am sure you will all like as much as I did.

Connect4value is a social company that enhances the sustainable impact, by promoting collaboration and partnerships. With this propose, Connect4Value develops a set of solutions and tools, which empower public and private organizations, to join forces and to enhance their positive impact. Together they can develop solutions for the current environmental and social challenges, creating a more positive future for our planet.

Aligned with the 17 SDG “Partnerships for the objectives”, Connect4Value provides solutions such as consultancy, coaching, training, digital tools and “connecting cafes”.

Olette shared her journey, her love for social entrepreneurship and her visions for the future, in another episode of The Circular Changemakers 🐝🌍

Watch our 3rd episode from The Circular Changemakers - The Netherlands:

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